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Diagnostic tools

The angiogram is still the best way to see any problems with the blood vessels and the action of the heart. Ultrasound is less precise with poor resolution and doesn’t show any distinct blood vessels. The beauty of ultasound is that it can be used in conjunction with a stress test to observe the heart under conditions of stress.

In Germany I did the treadmill till I experienced angina then immediately got the ultrasound look at what my heart was doing under those stress conditions. The lower part of the heart stops working showing it is oxygen deprived. Angiogram won’t show this as it is not a quick procedure like ultrasound and you can’t just jump from the treadmill to the Angiogram table, obviously.

During the angiogram not only is die marker injected into the individual arteries but also into the whole heart to observe it beating for signs of damage. However obviously no stress conditions can be set up on the angiogram table unless it is “white coat” stress and that is probably why they wear green operating cloths.

If you don’t have a copy of your angiogram, you should get it and look at it. Because they are two dimentional pictures, they use different angles to get a better idea of the extent of the occlusions as they may be irregular in shape and form. A really good website which explains all this procedure in infinite detail is:\html\cath_menu.html

This is a must read for all who have any question whatsoever about the angiogram and after reading what is offered here and viewing your own angiogram, you can converse on an intelligent basis with your cardiologist. Had I completely trusted my doctors, I would have had bypass surgery three times now and still not been any better off. Be informed so you can make rational judgments. I have not had bypass, have had two EECP treatments, and one Granocyte treatment, with another to follow soon.

Actually this whole granocyte issue reminds me of neupogen

which they give cancer patients to grow their blood cells. Same theory different drug.
As for eating like that’s got to be a millenium years old; that why warriors ate the heart of their enemy so they would be more courageous, I guess that medicine as to take their ideas from someplace and possibly it will work, at least it is better than standing still and just waiting. I think inactivity, waiting passively for something to happen, has to be absolutely the worst thing in the world, it makes you feel so out of control of the whole problem. As least you’re actively pursuing an idea.

I guess your angina is quite serious and not responding to much though? I imagine they’ve tried the obvious, diet 😉

Growing blood vessels

But I already have a computer full of information on “Granocyte”. While culture and injection of thigh muscle cells is not new and probably first done in France several years ago successfully, it doesn’t produce the same kind of muscle cells you need. Heart muscle is different from other muscle and is very specialized and unique. While this cultured cell process works, it isn’t as effective as real heart muscle.

After a heart attack the heart puts out chemical attractants to home stem cells to it to repair it. One of the problems is that there just isn’t enough to do the job like it needs to be done. I don’t know if granocyte will do it, but it is a natural way unlike these artificial methods.

Russia makes what I think is a unique “citamine” for various organs which I think helps the homing of stem cells. The professor who treated me was optomistic about it. To my knowledge they are only found in Russia at this time. They are made of from the tissue of the organ that needs to attract the stem cells, which is the theory behind it, and so if you need a healthy heart you would eat heart. This is an old concept that is coming back into research in countries that aren’t stiffled by such organizations as the FDA, AMA and others.

By combining the citamine with the granocyte, it is hoped to concentrate the stem cells where they need to be.