In Canada I did the treadmill till I experienced angina then immediately got the ultrasound look at what my heart was doing under those stress conditions. The lower part of the heart stops working showing it is oxygen deprived. Angiogram won’t show this as it is not a quick procedure like ultrasound and you can’t just jump from the treadmill to the Angiogram table, obviously.

Did you misunderstand me? I jumped off the treadmill for ULTRASOUND not angiogram. Angiogram takes time to set up, you have to be preped, which means shaved and betadined to make the area sterile, then you go on the table and they insert the sheath into the artery and slide in the guidewire, then the catheter and inject dye into the left and right major arteries. All this takes time so there is no way to observe the heart working under stress. You can only do that with ultrasound because everything is in the same room and you can go right from the treadmill immediately to the table for the ultrasound look at the stressed heart.

In my case it was plain to see that under stress the lower part and posterior wall wasn’t working at all. A couple of shots of nitro and in a few minutes it was back to near normal.

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