Your suffering from just the opposite diagnosis I received

I suffered chest pain, shoulder pain, back pain for over 18 months and my doctor treated me for heart burn. Finally after 18 months he decided to do an EKG. The results shocked him he sent me immediately to a cardiologist for a stress test. I barely got off the machine and I was headed […]

It is true that vegetable oils are not good

to take too much when you have existing coronary artery disease. BUT, there is only one oil that is good : flaxseed oil. I would absolutely recommend using it every day. It has done wonders to the people suffering of any kind of CV disease. ____________________________ Person should start with one tbsp. a day, then […]

His question that I have not been able to get satisfactorily answered

anywhere is whether the use of substantial amounts of flax oil or seed (or other possibly good sources of om 3s) is a good idea when a person has existing coronary artery disease as evidenced by chest pain on exertion? Or are large amounts (e.g. 1 tbs or more) of flax oil, etc. only advisable […]

Last year at the age of 46 I suffered a minor heart attack

I worked out regularly before the attack and was in no major risk categories for the attack. After some tests (echo, heart cath) they determined there was no inherent heart disease and that I was probably suffering from viral myocarditis. I had been under alot of stress the previous months and getting run down due […]

Is there any data on having ecp treatments on a patient who has a ICD?

By ICD, i mean defib device. That shouldn’t be a problem as in EECP or ECP your heart beats normally. But all EECP centers are run by cardiologists who will know and you should make the nurse who runs the machine aware of it as well. If there are any problem, there is a stop […]


In Canada I did the treadmill till I experienced angina then immediately got the ultrasound look at what my heart was doing under those stress conditions. The lower part of the heart stops working showing it is oxygen deprived. Angiogram won’t show this as it is not a quick procedure like ultrasound and you can’t […]

You might ask your doctor about it as well, but don’t expect much enthusiasm

My angina is definitely attributable to large occlusions in all the vessels both at proximal, mid and distal ends. So far the only thing that has saved me is the EECP, Granocyte and Nitro. Here is a before and after angiogram. Notice how some of the major arteries just abruptly end. Also you see in […]