The nitro dialates the blood vessels quickly within two minutes and the angina pain goes away

If you have heart problems always carry nitro in your picket in a small container. If you have angina then pop a nitro under your tongue and in a few minutes the pain goes away. Or if you feel sick to your stomach take one because your heart needs the oxygen. After getting off the […]

Actually this whole granocyte issue reminds me of neupogen

which they give cancer patients to grow their blood cells. Same theory different drug. As for eating like that’s got to be a millenium years old; that why warriors ate the heart of their enemy so they would be more courageous, I guess that medicine as to take their ideas from someplace and possibly it […]

I wrote this once on the 23rd and it got zapped before I sent it

I’ve known people who took 1000 mg/day and had no side effects. Only thing listed in the PDR is possible nausea at large doses. I used to take 300 mg/day, but then found a brand that is dissolved in vitamin E and vegetable oil making it about 90% bioavailable instead of 30% for the normal […]