Growing blood vessels

But I already have a computer full of information on “Granocyte”. While culture and injection of thigh muscle cells is not new and probably first done in France several years ago successfully, it doesn’t produce the same kind of muscle cells you need. Heart muscle is different from other muscle and is very specialized and unique. While this cultured cell process works, it isn’t as effective as real heart muscle.

After a heart attack the heart puts out chemical attractants to home stem cells to it to repair it. One of the problems is that there just isn’t enough to do the job like it needs to be done. I don’t know if granocyte will do it, but it is a natural way unlike these artificial methods.

Russia makes what I think is a unique “citamine” for various organs which I think helps the homing of stem cells. The professor who treated me was optomistic about it. To my knowledge they are only found in Russia at this time. They are made of from the tissue of the organ that needs to attract the stem cells, which is the theory behind it, and so if you need a healthy heart you would eat heart. This is an old concept that is coming back into research in countries that aren’t stiffled by such organizations as the FDA, AMA and others.

By combining the citamine with the granocyte, it is hoped to concentrate the stem cells where they need to be.

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