Is the only thing wrong this angina?

Has it been attributed to anything? I’m very worried about my doubatmine echo stress on Monday. I don’t talk about the pain much at home or how I feel so no one knows but I figure the doctor will figure that out by the test. I have a hard time believing that it’s angina and in the back of mind I keep thing, no it can’t be. And then I really worry, what else could it be?

It’s good about the free medical. Medical is killing me. I can no longer work so I pay out of my savings my insurance every month. It’s killing me. This whole thing is just so horrible.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and take nothing for my chest wall pain. Sometimes your right, eating is tough because of the pain but I’m good at just swallowing food down whole so no one will notice. Of course this adds to weight but I am more scared of frightening my family when they’re seems nothing anyone will do.

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