Wearing pantyhose is not so bad for EECP

but you should have seen the young Muslim woman’s face in Istanbul when my wife said, oh they are not for me, they are for my husband!

The first Cardiologist stopped EECP and refused to allow me to continue because of blisters. I told her my heart was more important than my skin but she refused to budge. I told her that maybe if I got some lycra pants like bicycle or ski pants it would help and she said it would be worse.

I got on the net and contacted the manufacturer of the machine and they told me to buy pantyhose and continue if I could stand it. She however would not allow it again till the blisters healed which takes two weeks even with the recommendation I got from Vaso Medical to continue with the pantyhose to cut the friction. I asked for another doctor but he told me he was too busy.

I contacted the doctor that had left there (Memorial) for American hospital and he said they were getting an EECP machine in a week, and I could be the first patient on it and I was. The other doctor was mad as hell, but I could care less, I told them when I left that she was not reasonable at all, and I think she got in a little trouble over it. I hoped that she learned that patients have a right to make decisions on their medical care as well as doctors.

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