You might ask your doctor about it as well, but don’t expect much enthusiasm

My angina is definitely attributable to large occlusions in all the vessels both at proximal, mid and distal ends. So far the only thing that has saved me is the EECP, Granocyte and Nitro.

Here is a before and after angiogram.

Notice how some of the major arteries just abruptly end. Also you see in the lower left corner a very long one coming from the right side of the heart which is a collateral moving across to support both sides.

Notice how that collateral I was talking about has now occluded near the main branch but there is a horseshoe collateral formed to support it. This is the product of EECP. Anyone with angina should do EECP as it is non evasive. Women should wear pantyhose under the cotton stretch pants they give you. It helps cut abrasion, even I had to wear two pairs because of a rare skin condition. Diabetics need to do that as well.

Notice also the proliferation of new blood vessels. There are two sessions of EECP and this last picture was taken after the last one. Before the granocyte treatment, I had angina so bad I couldn’t breathe and would have died if I hadn’t had nitro. Nitro works in a few minutes and my wife had to get it for me because I couldn’t move. Obviously, you don’t have it very bad yet, but carry nitro so you don’t have to suffer. If you could see the whole angiogram, you would see when they injected dye in the right coronary artery, it traveling over to the left coronary artery and lighting up that side as well.

The kings in Americka probably won’t allow you to have granocyte but that is without any pain and quick. It takes two weeks to see results. EECP is 35 treatments and you can double up on them, like one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so you are looking at one to two months time for the treatments. Effects of EECP last for some 6 months. I think you could probably get granocyte treatments in Mexico or you could travel to Europe or Asia for them. They are expensive, the medicine costs at least $700 (i am from Florida and take payday loan here cause i have a bad credit history) and the blood tests as much or more. I am buying mine from SE Asia and having it shipped to me.

If you knew someone in Mexico you could probably have it shipped there, then go down and get the shots and tests and return. In England they send the medicine home with the patient and the patient themselves or a nurse injects it. I haven’t heard of any side effects at all other than bone pain and a short fever.

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