Your suffering from just the opposite diagnosis I received

I suffered chest pain, shoulder pain, back pain for over 18 months and my doctor treated me for heart burn. Finally after 18 months he decided to do an EKG.
The results shocked him he sent me immediately to a cardiologist for a stress test. I barely got off the machine and I was headed to the hospital for an angiogram which confirmed six blockages in my heart. I can tell you that I suffered the same symptoms you seem to have. Mine was a serious heart problem that will probably require open heart surgery. In the meantime, I have lost 35 pounds since March 12th, totally eliminated fat, sodium and cholesterol. My blood pressure has dropped from 170/110 to 120/60 and my pulse from 100-110 to 70.

Prior to my angiogram I had most of my pain when I did any thing physical after eating. If I got out of a car, tried walking more than one block, laying down after eating, etc I had various degrees of pain. I was put on Nexium (the purple pill), Rolaids and Tums. In the end the thing that helped me the most was Gas-X. I could stop the pain in a few minutes by taking one or two of the chewable tablets. Funny once I had the angiogram, the Gas-X no longer worked. Now I have to use Nitro to stop the pain when it gets bad. I am taking Avalide (300/12.5)for blood pressure, Lassix for water retention, Toprol for my heart and 20 mg of Lipitor for Cholesterol. In addition I am taking Niacin, CoQ10 and Cayan Pepper for my overall health.

My doctor told me I could be suffering both from heart burn and blocked arteries. For now we are concentrating on the blockage and trying to avoid surgery. Since I have put myself on a very restrictive diet that eliminates most any thing that might upset my stomach or create gas, I haven’t noticed any serious problem with heart burn. Things like raw onions, high acid or high fat foods are on my list of no no’s. When I drive by McDonalds, I don’t even thing about stopping.

If the cathator showed you have blockage you need to believe it, but you could still have heart burn.

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